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This Bitch is A Nobody, Nicki Minaj’s son Says 😆



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Nicki Minaj’s little bundle of joy has become the sole focus of her fandom, and just recently the award-winning singer dished over her baby boy, giving fawning ‘aunties’ glimpses into his personality.

All these updates came after the singer hoped on to Twitter and began addressing some fan qeries.

One fan had only music on their minds and asked why Minaj hasn’t opted for a nanny service to free up some of her time.

The singer was quick to reply to this frenzied query and explained how,

Everyone tells me that. Lol. I rlly should get one. Difficult decision tho.” (sic)

Another had only the baby’s likeliness in mind and asked the singer who he resembles more, “Mr. or Mrs Petty,” but Minaj dipped past that one altogether and simply wrote, “Ha! It’s a secret”

The biggest hint towards the baby’s growing development came after Minaj explained how she attempted to tweet while feeding her son but was ‘stared’ out of it.

Last night I tried to tweet while I was feeding him. He looked me & said “absolutely [expletive] NOT” he wants his undivided attention chile”(sic)

The rest of her fan base had only once concern on their minds and wondered whether the baby boy will like all his new aunties.

Yet Minaj didn’t leave much hope to them when she wrote,

lol. Can’t wait til he meets you guys. I wonder if he’ll like yall? he’s prob gonna be so confused at first. Like why yall so loud? That lady ain’t nobody she just my mommy”(sic)

The last fan question on its own, left fans at complete ease since it calmed their inner snoop in the best possible way. It read,

YoungBoy was rlly dope. Chill. Laid back. Sweet. rlly [expletive] wit his vibe. Didn’t do the most on set, more mature than I thought he’d be. He was on gangsta time”(sic)


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