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Shocking Burial Rituals in Recent History



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Residents of Mutaga village in Gichugu constituency have experienced the most shocking burial ritual in their recent history.

On Wednesday, residents of Mutuga village flocked to the home of a 65-year-old man to witness a one-of-its-kind in the area burial ceremony.

The deceased, Simon Muriithi- a renowned tea farmer from the region-had reportedly told his family that he wished to be buried inside his own bedroom after his demise.

Curious onlookers watched from as safe distance as family, friends and guests attended the unusual send-off.

Photos seen by Citizen Digital showed the grave site- a room that had been opened up to allow enough space for the grave to be dug.

Deacon Jackson Muchiri of AIPCA Church Kiandumu presided over the funeral saying that in his 38 years of Ministry, it was his first time to see a Christian interred inside a house.

Normally, people are buried outside, this is a new one, I have not seen this in my 38 years of service,” Muchirii said

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