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#RIPRealHasla: KOT Mourns Larry Flynt



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KOT, famous for Kenyans on Twitter have poured their sarcastic condolences to the family of Larry Flynt.

KOT, under a trending hasgtag #RIPRealHasla, the euthanised the hustler of porn and nudity.

The late Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt Born in 1942 and his spirit taken by the creator February 10, 2021, was an American publisher and the president of Larry Flynt Publications.

LFP mainly produces pornographic magazines, such as Hasla, pornographic videos, and three pornographic television channels named Hasla TV.

While some felt like Larry Flynt’s multi-billion business was based on belittling participants and shaming women most feel that he was just appreciating nature and found a way to cash in from an uncouth background.

Lemme explain why I said he had an uncouth background.

This the uncouth background of Larry Flynt, he died a multi-billionaire

Here is how KOT remembered Larry Flynt.

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