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Norman Magaya Exposes Inhumane Beings in NASA and ODM




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Norman Magaya, former NASA CEO, and one time Raila Odinga diehard has broken up in Tweeter in a shocking rant.

He claims to be abandoned in sickness and is now facing Eviction.
He claims that all his attempts to get employment have been thwarted….

Yes… Norman Magaya, the firebrand Raila diehard, who once was ready to die for Raila….
He joins the very long list of people I have who have had misfortune after misfortune after serving around the man. I know why, but I’ll explain when dealing with the Altars of Ramogi Hills…

Look at how KNUT and Sossion have been abandoned, after helping Raila between 2013 and 2017 through strikes and riots… Where is KNUT now?

Look at Keroche Breweries and Tabitha Karanja… Where are they now? After pouring hundreds of millions to support Raila between 2013 and 2017…. Where is Keroche 3

Look at SportPesa. They poured hundreds of millions on Raila, mpaka he once fainted in Dar Es Salaam when greeting players.

They all hoped to get protection from Raila and are worse off. He abandoned them at the hour of need……
These are only the visible ones. I have a very long list of other small-time fellows…… There is a reason why they all end up desolate…..

Meanwhile, in the spirit of forgiveness, Kenyans ought to bail out Norman Magaya…. He seems to be hurting…

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