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Bomet Police Officer Arrested for Tearing BBI Signature Book




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A Bomet County based Cop was on Wednesday, December 2 arrested for tearing and throwing into a river BBI signatures collection book.

Peter Langat is said to have committed the act in Lelekwet Village, Kipreres Sub-Location in Bomet East Sub-County.

According to area assistant chief, Robert Katam, the police officer came to where he (Katam) was overseeing the BBI signature-collection exercise at 1:30pm, and requested to be allowed to sign on the book.

Upon receiving the book, Langat is alleged to have torn it apart. Two pages of serial numbers 0685180 and 0685183 were completely ripped.

Langat, thereafter, threw the book in a nearby river, a police report states.

Assistant chief Robert Katam managed to retrieve the book, and went to Longisa Police Station where he reported the matter, which was filed at 2:27pm Wednesday.

Police officers, in the company of the assistant chief, rushed to the home of the said-officer and arrested Langat, who appeared very drunk at the time,” says a police report recorded under the OB Number 10/2/12/2020.

“The motive as to why the officer committed the act was unknown,” adds the report.

Langat refused to reveal his service number, only saying that he was attached to a Bungoma police post.

A media source told the a local media house that the Police said they are investigating his claim.

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